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Dear readers! Welcome to the fourth edition of Sepson News. This is our channel where we inform you about news and happenings at Sepson and the world of winches. If there is anything you want us to write about, please send me an e-mail and we’ll try to make you wishes come true.


Sepson winches are used on rescue and recovery vehicles, cargo trucks, trailers and heavy equipment transporters, armoured fighting vehicles, off road vehicles, tractors, loaders and earthmovers, fire engines, high tension line stringing rigs and many other applications. Despite the financial uncertainties in the world, and especially in Europe, Sepson is going well. We have had a good number of orders and quite a few contracts of perennial supplies have been signed. In addition, several major projects are under contract so we have a good position for the future.
For instance will our winches be mounted on 800 trucks and vehicles from Tatra and Rheinmetall MAN. These will be delivered to the Middle-East and Asia during next year. We are humble and thankful that we are chosen to be a partner for these world known vehicle manufacturers.

Sepson continue to invest in product development and production process in our tradition to offer our customers reliable, dependable and uncomplicated world class winches. So welcome to our virtual tour in our facility (below) or come and visit us in Vansbro, in the middle of Sweden.

I hope you will have a nice reading!

Mats Elfsberg,
CEO Sepson

A glans into our production facilities

In order to keep our promise to offer high quality winches, it is at the outmost importance that our manufacturing facility is in order. And it is. With our highly skilled and educated staff we have world class resources through the whole development and production line – From a complete prototype workshop to a brand new painting department and quality control stations. World Class Winches demand world class production. Make a virtual visit to our factory – or come and visit us.

The World Class Winches production facility is approx. 1500 sqm.

Prototype developer Alf Halvarsson can build
an entire winche in his workshop.
Emil Björkqvist assembling planetary gears.
In the Aqua Clean Lars Lissnils makes sure that the winches are completely free from dust before entering… …the painting department. Here Leif Norberg spray paint with corrosion protection.

Finally, just before deliverance, Leif Norgren put the winches for drying and curing.

Sepson is now opening a wholly-owned new subsidiary in Bangalore, India.

Sepson India is opening

Sepson is now opening a wholly-owned new subsidiary in Bangalore, India. President of the new Sepson India company will be Mr. SR Venkatesan with whom we have collaborated since 2007.
Sepson India is set up to serve the growing Indian market even better and will be our channel for defence-related supplies. Sepson India will share office and resources with Transvahan Technologies India Pvt Ltd., who have marketed Sepson winches to commercial customers in India for many years.

Have you seen our newest feature on our website?

Have you visited our new website yet? Now we have added our accessories on the site. Please visit it and find all information about our accessories together with the world class winches, technical specifications and all market activities we are part in. Make it a habit to visit us often and make sure not to miss anything in the world of Sepson.

Why is EMC protected products more expensive?

EMC, Electromagnetic Compatibility, is the term used to describe how well a device is able to function as intended in an electromagnetic environment. Furthermore, the device shall not cause disturbances that might interfere with the operation of other electrical products in the environment. Electronic devices that can function and meet the criteria are called electro-magnetically compatible devices. When it comes to winches the EMC critical part is the control system. To protect the control devices from electromagnetic interference we use shielding structures with filters that surround the electronics. All our winches for military use are available in versions that comply with the EMC requirements according to MIL-STD-461F. These products have much higher demands on immunity to electromagnetic disturbances and at the same time have lower permitted emission of electromagnetic disturbances. When you manufacture products with military EMC requirements, you need more expensive parts like shielded electronics, cables, filters and specially designed circuit boards. It also demands longer assembly time and design time, low volume purchases and more extensive testing. That is why EMC certified winches are more expensive than ordinary ones.

Master Smith Sars Erik Petterson – Our founder

The master smith Sars Erik Petterson founded Sepson in 1900 in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden. His main skill was to make tools and handling equipment for the surrounding forestry industry, where pulling and lifting are key activities. The combination of the handcraft tradition, high technology research and development, and the care for the natural environment is the hallmark of Swedish business and Sepson. Today Sepson manufactures reliable, dependable and uncomplicated vehicle-mounted winches with EN ISO 9001 certified quality and EN ISO 14000 certified environmental management systems.

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