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SEPSON NEWS March 2014

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at Sepson and in the world of winches.

Sepson winches are used on rescue and recovery vehicles, cargo trucks, trailers and heavy equipment transporters, armoured fighting vehicles, off road vehicles, tractors, loaders and earthmovers, fire engines, high tension-line stringing rigs and many other applications.

A Good start of the year

2014 has started in a promising way. We have a secured 55% of last year’s invoiced sales and we are expecting a good order intake.

We joined forces with Lidan Marine on January 7 this year and together with Lidan’s engineering forces Sepson will take a huge step forward in the improvement and development of customer friendly products.

We are taking part in the International Specialized Exhibition for recovery and towing in Kassel (IFBA), May 22-24 and in the Land and Air-land Defence and Security exhibition (Eurosatory) in Paris, June 16-20.

If there is anything you want us to write about in upcoming issues of Sepson News, please send me an e-mail and we’ll try to make the best of it.

I hope you will have an enjoyable read!

Mats Elfsberg
CEO Sepson

With joined forces
we become even stronger

Since January 7, 2014, Lidan AB has assumed ownership of Sepson AB. The Swedish company Lidan Marine specializes in winches and handling systems for ships and offshore rigs. Now we are joining forces to become an even stronger player in the international market.

Lidan Marine in Lidköping, Sweden, works with marine winch applications and has considerable expertise and resources in naval construction. The ties between our companies are now being strengthened, with the strategic venture and acquisition by Lidan AB of a majority

shareholding in Sepson AB. Mats Elfsberg, who acquired Sepson in 1989, will remain as CEO of the company.

In both companies, we market our products globally and most of the production is exported. The aim of the deal is to strengthen competitiveness in the international arena and to create conditions for a quick and resourceful expansion. We will now have the opportunity of working more closely in terms of technology and product development, to help us succeed in our respective markets.


Strong development

Strong development
Testing of a hand held remote control.

Sepson has multiplied its R&D resources through the merger with Lidan Marine. Lidan has more than 20 design engineers, all of them well skilled and experienced in mechanic, hydraulic and electronic design. This will strengthen Sepson’s ability to develop the winches for tomorrow, including electronic control equipment complying with all requirements in defence and military standards.

Sepson has developed remote controls that comply with all the requirements in MILSTD461, MILSTD1275 and ESD.

All remote control units are IP67 (IP69 on request) except the hand held unit that is IP65. They have emergency stops and 15 m cable as standard.

We have today the following certified systems: R1: For on/off control of one winch.
M1: For proportional control of 1–3 winches.
M2: For proportional control of 1–6 winches and 1–12 on/off functions that can be combined with radio/cable remote control and fitted with a display for showing pulling force and other requested information.
M10: Our biggest control system controls all hydraulic functions on the vehicle.

New animations show how it works

In order to improve the quality of our website and make it more beneficial for you we will shortly add animations that will make it easy to understand how some of our products function. 

Two of these, shortly upcoming, are:
Constant Force Solution

Constant Force Solution
This is our new contribution to make recovery work safer. Sepson LoadReader and the Sepson Constant Force feature help users to guard against unwanted situations in recovery work. The Load- Reader continuously displays the rope tension, enabling the users to adapt the force and work more efficiently. The risk of overloading the attachment points on the recovery object is minimized. Sepson Constant Force solution ensures that the winch has the same maximum force on all rope layers. This means greater safety in the recovery work and an opportunity to use a thinner, longer rope. The system is entirely internal and does not affect other control systems of the winch. The winch can be operated manually or by a remote control unit.

Rope Controller

Rope Controller
Sepson’s Rope Controller simplifies unwinding and spooling. It makes winching operations safer, easier and faster while minimizing the risk for rope damage. The rope is unwound mechanically from the drum, making it easier and faster to pull the rope out. The spooling attachment spreads the rope evenly over the drum on all layers and eliminates the risk for bird nesting.Visit our website regularly and take advantage of these informative visualizations and other current information about our products.

Twin winches 

Twin winches
Iveco trucks with Sepson twin winch sets, ready for delivery to the Polish army at Auto-Hit S.A.

See you at IFBA and Eurosatory 

We are one of the exhibitors at Europe’s most important trade show for emergency vehicles and rescue equipment – IFBA ( – May 22 to 24, in Kassel. Our winches will be available on several of the exhibited vehicles and at our booth we will demonstrate our latest product news. Take this opportunity to have a closer look at the Sepson Rope Controller, that pulls out the winch cable from the winch and holds the rope taut and stretched when it is winded on the spool.

You are also welcome to see us at the world’s most important defence exhibition – Eurosatory ( – June 16 to 20, in Paris. As one of the exhibitors, we will be there to show you the latest and the best in Sepson’s product range.

See you att IFBA and Eurosatory


Master Smith Sars Erik Petterson – Our founder

The master smith Sars Erik Petterson founded Sepson in 1900 in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden. His main skill was to make tools and handling equipment for the surrounding forestry industry, where pulling and lifting are key activities.

The picture shows an early Sepson innovation, the loading device ”Record”, for cars. The device was powered by the car’s engine, by means of the winch to the patented loading apparatus. To release the load, there was also a strong brake. Sepson continues to develop new innovations that facilitate handling.

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