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Sepson winches are used on rescue and recovery vehicles, cargo trucks, trailers and heavy equipment transporters, armoured fighting vehicles, off road vehicles, tractors, loaders and earthmovers, fire engines, high tension-line stringing rigs and many other applications.


In February Sepson attended IDEX, the biennial International Defence Exhibition and Conference, in Abu Dhabi. The exhibition was very well-attended and as always packed with interesting exhibitors, speakers and live demos.

We had the pleasure of welcoming many of our existing customers in our stand in the German Pavilion and also got to meet many highly interested potential ones, most of which are situated in the region, and we are now looking forward to follow up on all of our new contacts.

Nexter and Thales, two of our largest customers, attended the exhibition with a few of their vehicles on display, and of course we watched the grand live show where the United Arab Emirates military forces demonstrated a large-scale counter terrorist campaign. As exhibitors in the German Pavilion we were also invited to a SUV desert safari where we were treated to great local food and beautiful dancing.



Fully owned subsidiary Sepson India Pvt Ltd was established in Bangalore as a production facility to supply Indian customers with locally manufactured winches. This is in line with the government motto “Make in India” and also provides a great platform for Sepson to expand into other markets in the region.

Both India and the growing Asian market offer substantial business opportunities, including military and commercial applications, and to harness this potential we aim to establish India as a manufacturing hub catering to local, regional and global customers.

With the focus on expanding the business operation in India, Mr. H N Ananthraj was appointed the new Executive Director and CEO effective June 2016, and in October the registered office was set up in Bangalore to further scale up the operation. Mr. Ananthraj comes with more than 25 years of strong engineering and management background and sees great potential for Sepson’s products and services in the Indian market.

Mr. H.N Ananthraj, Executive Director and CEO for Sepson India.


“India is a strong potential market for Recovery, Self-recovery, Mining, Lifting/Towing applications and Marine application hydraulic winches,” says Mr. H.N Ananthraj, Executive Director and CEO for Sepson India.

Sepson India office in Bangalore.

To scale up the operations in India, the registered office was set up in October 2016 in Bangalore.


Sepson India factory and assembly unit in Bangalore.

To support the “India for India” strategy, Sepson India set up the manufacturing and assembly unit in Bangalore in February 2017.



We are now on the final stretch of creating our web based training course, scheduled to launch this summer. In an ever-developing market where vehicles are getting more and more technically advanced, especially within the military field, and more applications are being fitted on to them, winching is sometimes rather more complex than just pulling the wire in a straight line and getting started.

This requires more knowledge on the user’s part, and in many large projects the purchasers and decision-makers do not always know who will be actually using the winches in the end or if they possess the knowledge needed. All of which in turn requires us to be able to ensure that our products are being used correctly regarding maintenance and service, personnel safety and work efficiency.

In the new training course we cover technical specifications, maintenance protocols, security requirements etcetera. Initially we will teach our customers on site, and further on the customers will be able to perform the training themselves when buying our products.

The result will be an increased end user competence and an overall better deal where both supplier and customer are confident that all equipment is used correctly and in a safe manner.



In May Sepson will be at IFBA Kassel. IFBA - Internationale Fachausstellung Bergen und Abschleppen – is the largest trade show of its kind in Europe, attracting more visitors each year. The exhibition is an increasingly popular meeting venue for vehicle and equipment manufacturers as well as service providers and contractors. There you will be able to see our winches mounted on several of the exhibited vehicles, and we look forward to demonstrating our product news in our stand.
See you in Kassel in May! 

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