Forcematic winches are Sepmatic winches with a constant maximum pulling force on all rope layers. This feature is controlled by a load pin in the rope path and an industrial plc. The maximum allowed pulling force can be set from mission to mission but cannot be higher than the maximum pulling force set by Sepson. The actual pulling force is displayed in Sepson’s hand held remote control unit during the recovery operation.

For more specific information, please contact Sepson.
  • Forcematic H150 - H400
    • 63.34- pneum. free spool, 120 kN constant pull, Ø16mm
    • 63.34- pneum. free spool, 170 kN constant pull, Ø19mm
    • 63.35- pneum. free spool, 240 kN constant pull, Ø22mm
    • 63.35- pneum. free spool, 270 kN constant pull, Ø26mm
    Forcematic H150 - H400