About Us

Sepson is a market leading manufacturer of hydraulic vehicle-mounted winches and systems for civilian and military users all over the world. Starting at the beginning of the last century, Sepson winches have spread around the world performing heavy duty pulling work with extreme reliability in all environmental conditions, be it in tropical heat or arctic cold.

Sepson’s established position as a global supplier of reliable, dependable and uncomplicated winches is further strengthened by the inclusion in LS Technologies corporate group. In addition to the manufacturing companies Sepson AB, Lidan Marine AB and Patterson Manufacturing, the group includes the engineering company LS Engineering.

Through the old tradition of skilled workmanship, the part of Sweden where Sepson has its home has become a centre of industrial activity. The combination of the handcraft tradition, high technology research and development, and the care for the natural environment is the hallmark of Swedish business and of Sepson.

LS Technologies

Sepson AB, including Sepson GmbH and Sepson India Pvt Ltd, is part of the LS Technologies corporate group alongside Lidan Marine AB, Patterson Manufacturing, LS Engineering AB and LS Technologies US LLC. Each company brings a globally strong brand name and high quality products to the group, and shares the common strive to continually offer smarter, safer and more reliable engineering solutions and services within its market niche.

LS Engineering

The engineering company within LS Technologies, LS Engineering works in close collaboration with the manufacturing companies of the group, as well as with external customers, delivering customized solutions meeting the high demands of diverse users and business partners. The extensive competence and experience of the engineers and specialists include a wide range of areas, such as control systems, electrical, hydraulic, structural and mechanical engineering, in addition to strength calculations.