Our history

The master smith Sars Erik Petterson founded Sepson in 1900 in Dalarna in the middle of Sweden to make tools and handling equipment for the surrounding forestry industry, where pulling and lifting are key activities. A couple of miles from Sars Erik’s smithy lived the artist Anders Zorn (1860 – 1920).

He was born in Yvraden in the parish of Mora, Dalarna, and was raised on his grandparents’ farm. He was one of Sweden’s foremost artists who obtained international success as a painter, sculptor and printmaker in etching.

The etching “Master Smith” was created in 1907 and shows very well how it looked when the black smith in Dalarna did his hard work. Sars Erik was known to be strong as an ox and very accurate in his work – A heritage that we are working every day to keep up.

Master Smith by Anders Zorn
Master Smith by Anders Zorn

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