A glans into our production facilities

In order to keep our promise to offer high quality winches, it is at the outmost importance that our manufacturing facility is in order. And it is. With our highly skilled and educated staff we have world class resources through the whole development and production line – From a complete prototype workshop to a brand new painting department and quality control stations. World Class Winches demand world class production. Make a virtual visit to our factory – or come and visit us.


The World Class Winches production facility is approx. 1500 sqm.



Prototype developer Alf Halvarsson can build an entire winche in his workshop.
Emil Björkqvist assembling planetary gears.



In the Aqua Clean Lars Lissnils makes sure that the winches are completely free from dust before entering…
…the painting department. Here Leif Norberg spray paint with corrosion protection.



Finally, just before deliverance, Leif Norgren put the winches for drying and curing.